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About Us



international Gem & Jewellery Testing Laboratorys is a renowned name in Gem Testing and Identification Services industry. IGJTL is one of the reliable laboratories of the world which offers gemological services to customers as well as jewelers even foreign delegates.

IGJTL certificates make confidence and motivate to traders and consumers when buying or selling colour gemstones, diamonds and jewelry. (IGJTL) Jaipur provides services for detailed identification and treatment reports, country-of-origin reports, Pearls Testing, Diamond Grading, Gemstone Packet-Lot, Gemstone Bead String as well as complete colored stone analysis documents and others.

Our gemologists are trained in house by our seniors according to our work culture and standards even IGJTL acquire staff members who are experts in the field of gemstone testing and reporting in market for their valuable experience and their suggestions.

The Laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation, and applies standard gemological as well as advanced instruments, techniques to each determination it makes. IGJTL’s gemologists focus and concentrate to every gemstone examined in our laboratory. This has included but has not been limited to complete disclosure of gemstone treatments, as well as developing clear and understandable reporting formats.

IGJTL offers a low cost alternative for the standard identification and treatment disclosure of gemstone. It has significantly expand its work and collaboration with other industry like mine holders, Mineralogists and research organizations for better understanding and proper representation of gemstones and gem materials.

 “INTERNATIONAL GEM & JEWELLERY TESTING LABORATORY”(IGJTL) is a provider of quality gemstone analyses and reporting, IGJTL offers a comprehensive product line for the identification, enhancement disclosure, country-of-origin and full grading analyses of colored gemstones and diamonds. IGJTL provides independent laboratory services to a broad domestic and international clientele across the gemstone and jewelry industry.

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